Irish Soda Bread

I’ve been making soda bread for as long as I can remember. I started cooking when I was 12 years old. And since I’m from an Irish family you learnt how to cook. Even if the dish is adapted to American style, you knew where it came from.

For some reason my father always had me make the soda bread. Along the years I made variations of the bread. But some how I stuck with bread that I put caraway seeds and work with yeast in. When I got married my mother in law told me how she made her bread. I thought it was so simple.

soda bread1

I didn’t realize that the bread comes out dry and crumby. That’s why it always is served hot with lots of butter. Now that my mother in law is no longer with us my husband asks for it every year. So I say to myself, does my husband want my version or his mother’s? Well I make his mom’s. Recently I would make it and maybe he would have one piece. The rest would get wasted. I went on a hunt to see if I could find some difference maybe he would like. And I did.

This recipe is not much different than my mother in laws. It uses yogurt, buttermilk ( I discovered powdered buttermilk), and dark raisins, opposed to the golden ones that my mother in law has in her recipe. I was surprised that my husband liked it. And the bread was all eaten.

The difference that I think works the best is the buttermilk. Makes a more moist bread. I was surprised to see a scant of milk in recipe before. I always used buttermilk. The milk  made it more tough. I think the dark-golden raisins really is just preference. I made bread with both. And both turned out good.

The one thing that I am trying to keep as tradition, as both recipes call for it, is a round baking pan. And since I will be baking soda bread for awhile now, I invested in a new pan for my bread. Meet my new palmPalm 5 1/2 qt.  Le Creuset dutch oven

You can get yours at

The recipe I have tried you can find it at

I think you will like it.

Happy Baking!


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