Carrot and Coriander Soup

Ok so it’s snowing out and you know you have to make dinner at some point. So what do you make? Do you make what you already had planned for the week, or do you think of something different and try to break up a little of those wintertime blues?

Well I went with breaking up those wintertime blues!

I already had some of these ingredients and I also prepped them out a wee bit early. Just encase there were some that wanted to come in out of the kitchen and have me stop.

begining carrot colander soup

I had the carrots peeled and sliced. Onion diced, potato peeled and sliced, and fresh ginger minced. Naturally there are several more ingredients but these are the main ones. Also in there was the Coriander Seeds that I grounded. The trick to that, since you really can’t get ground seed, is that I found it easy to put the seed in a pepper grinder and grind it to where I wanted it. That way it’s cooking with the ginger and making a nice smell to the house.

After it cooks to the time, now it’s time to blend the ingredients together.

blended carrot colender soup

This is tricky to do. I didn’t want to have the coating on my dutch oven to come off. Since it’s my cast iron le creuset and we all know how dear they are. So I began after soup cooled, I carefully blended soup without touching sides or bottom. After I got it to a consistency that was thick, I took soup in sections out of pot and blended it with my immersion blender in a container for this kind of blender, than transferred to a bowl. When all was blended I put back in dutch oven. It does sound like a lot to do but it really isn’t. I know I could of eliminated the step of blending in the pot. But for me, I like to know all is blended. Maybe next time I’ll skip the step.

So that’s it. This is what it looks like with a little cilantro on top. finshed carrot colander soup

You can find the recipe @

Happy Cooking!

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